Importing Fruits From Colombia Into US

Importing something into the United States is not an easy process. There are a lot of documents and rules you need to follow in order for your shipment to pass through customs. There’s a lot to worry about before you can think of more specific rules for your particular product.  To make it easier for you, here are some of the most basic import requirements that are required for almost every shipment.


While importing fruits and vegetables, it is important to follow the rules and regulations.


Commercial Invoice


A commercial invoice is much more than a way for the importer to pay the supplier.  It serves as the receipt for the transaction and includes all costs and charges associated with shipping.  Importers must keep a copy of the commercial import to be shown to customs as proof of the weight and value of the import in order to be taxed appropriately.  This includes the names and addresses of the importer and supplier, as well as information on the country of origin, which can assist customs with controls.


Bill of Lading.


A Bill of Lading (BL) is an extremely important document and without it, Customs has no way of tracking your imports.  If you want to import something, you need a BOL.  It contains a lot of important information in one place, such as: B. contact details of all the parties involved, billing information and special instructions.


BOL has many uses for both the importer and the CBP.  This is a record of the responsible parties which can be useful for insurance purposes if there is a problem with the shipment.  It also includes specific instructions on how, when and where to deliver the shipment to make the process as quick and easy as possible.  After all, in the event that a person refuses to comply with the stated agreement, this is evidence of the contract between the sender and the recipient.


Another important document you need is what is known as a customs guarantee.  It is issued by an external guarantee company to a registered importer and acts as a type of insurance for CBP.  Customs credit instructions ensure that CBP receives payment of all duties, taxes and fees as the surety company pays if the importer becomes insolvent in the middle of shipment.


Customs Clearance


In most cases, a customs declaration is required only if your shipment is $2,500 or more, but fruits and vegetables are not.  Importing food, including fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, will require customs certification, even if your shipment is less than $2,500.


Now that you know you need a customs bond, what type of deposit is right for you?  There are two main options when choosing a type of Customs Pfandbrief: Individual Pfandbrief and Endless Pfandbrief.


The one-time entry bonus is self-explanatory.  These are customs credit certificates that can be used through a specific port of entry determined before a security deposit is issued for a single entry in the United States.  In the case of food, a single admission deposit will only cover three times the value of the shipment.


There is no limit to the number of campaigns they can cover in an ongoing bonus.  Instead, they guarantee every shipment you make in one year and are not limited to a particular port of entry.  This should certainly cover $50,000, and while that may sound like a lot, it turns out to be a lot cheaper than the single entry bonus, if that’s significant.  If you ship multiple shipments per year, Ongoing Relationships is your best option.


Registration and Approval Form


The next step in the process is to electronically submit Form CBP 3461, called the Customs Clearance Form.  It must be dispatched before your import arrives at the port of entry so that customs officers can prepare to receive your shipment.  This helps them to know what to expect, when to expect and what to do when it happens.


Confirm Receipt


If the shipment has arrived safely at the port and all customs regulations have been met, the recipient should make arrangements to pick it up.  To notify the recipient that the shipment has reached this point, the sender issues an arrival notice, also known as an arrival notice.  This document contains very useful information for the recipient regarding additional charges, special collection instructions for checks made and shipments.

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