It is a plant native to South America, especially from countries such as Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil. It was introduced to the rest of the Andean countries at the beginning of this century. This plant is also known with names such as fake guava, feijoa and guava from the country. Inside the fruit, there is a juicy bittersweet pulp with up to 100 seeds inside.

Usually the fruit of the feijoa is used as food and drinks, however it also has benefits for complementary treatments in the excess of cholesterol due to its high concentration of pectins, which contribute to lower and stabilize the cholesterol levels and to control the hypertension.

The cream made with the pulp of the fruit is a rejuvenator of the skin, and also moisturizes the hair. It is ideal for the growth of children, since in its shell it has high chlorophyll content, being the only fruit-vegetable with this quality.
It is a formidable general tonic of the organism. For hair care, rejuvenation of the skin, stabilize the normal sleep cycle and reduce stress

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