Passion fruit



This fruit is also called Fruta de la Pasión, it is native to the Amazon and, in Peru, it is grown on the coast and in the jungle, being mainly the Piura and Chancha May producing areas. It is currently a species grown in tropical and subtropical countries, including regions as far apart as Israel, Hawaii and the United States of America.


It has a relaxing effect, as a mild sedative or as a pain reliever for muscular pains, preparing infusions with the leaves of passion fruit.

Helps to recover the sleep, taking one or two cups a day of the liquid, it is also recommended in bronchial or intestinal cases, as well as for menstrual pains, it reduces blood pressure, it is antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, it helps the elimination of fats, It contains a lot of fiber that improves digestion.

Currently, her skin is being investigated, as it is used for the treatment for asthma.

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