What you need to know about preserved flowers

Giving or displaying flowers is almost always associated with a special occasion or souvenir, such as a birthday or wedding.  Preserved flowers allow you to enjoy those special memories for a long time.  Due to their natural appearance and longevity, these flowers have become a favorite of brides-to-be and a staple in home decor.


Here are five things you need to know about these trendy plants.


  1. Which flowers should I keep?


While most flowers can be saved, stronger flowers do better.


  1. How long do preserved flowers last?


With proper care, preserved flowers can last up to a year and in some cases up to 35 years.  The shelf life of flowers depends on the different ways by which they are presented. outdoor signage


If preserved flowers are displayed outside in a box or vase, the flowers will last between 1 and 3 years.

glass panes

If you choose to keep your flowers in a sealed display, they will last anywhere from 1 to 35 years.  If you want your preserved flowers to last a long time, it is best that a professional florist perform the preservation process, not a DIY project.  This is because most professional florists have access to the best tools and chemicals needed to make flowers last longer.


  1. What are the different presentation options for storing your preserved flowers?


There are so many simple and creative ways to display your preserved flowers.


  1. How to take care of preserved flowers?


To ensure that your flowers retain their beauty and maximum lifespan, there are steps you need to take to ensure that they last as long.  Here are some tips for keeping your still flowers fresh and natural:


Do not spray or spray perfume on it.  Although they appear to be alive, they are not and this can damage the flowers.


Keep them away from direct sunlight and strong light as this can cause the flowers to wither.


Keep them away from damp rooms and ventilation openings.


Do not squeeze, twist or crush the petals or stems as they are delicate.  The natural oils you have on hand can damage flowers and shorten their lifespan.


  1. How do you clean preserved flowers?


When you have landscaping work, cleaning up can be a little tricky, but you do have a few options.


Spray compressed air (the type sold for cleaning electronics) on dried flowers to remove dust.  The spray leaves quickly so make sure the box isn’t too close to the flowers.


Use hair dryer.  When using it, set it to the lowest speed and “no heat” to avoid damaging the flowers.


Scatter your dried flowers with a feather duster.  This method works best in more robust settings.

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