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Did you know that avocado is one of the best foods for memory? Avocado has many good properties for health in general and for our brain. Let’s see the benefits of avocado and how it can help our brain. For some time the avocado was removed from the diets to lose weight because it was considered to have a high fat content, but over time it was found that it is beneficial fats for health and is now an essential element of any healthy diet .

The benefits of avocado for the body in general
There are numerous foods for the brain that favor concentration, performance and memory, among these foods we can highlight the avocado for its many properties such as those detailed below:

Improves neurological health
As we have seen before, one of the main components of the avocado is the Omega 3. It is a necessary element for the human body that, not being able to create it by itself, has to obtain it through food. Helps maintain concentration for longer periods of time, unlike what happens with foods with a lot of sugar such as sugary soft drinks.

On the other hand, the vitamin E that the avocado contains helps protect against Alzheimer’s, since it neutralizes free radicals.

The B vitamins and the brain
Avocado contains B vitamins that also benefit the brain. Vitamin B12 helps to produce red blood cells and keep the cells of the nervous system in good condition to promote memory. Vitamin B6 helps create serotonin for memory loss, fatigue or depression.

Protection of the heart
In addition to Omega 3 to protect the heart, the avocado contains oleic acid and potassium which are components that help to lower the level of cholesterol and the risk of high blood pressure.

Avocado monounsaturated fats control the triglycerides of the blood, which also allows to have under control; Cholesterol and diabetes

Helps prevent Alzheimer’s
Both the vitamin E and the folic acid contained in the avocado help prevent Alzheimer’s. Folate prevents the formation of entangled nerve fibers that are related to Alzheimer’s.

Protect your hair
Vitamins C, B and D and beta-carotene are present in the avocado and are perfect to give shine and body to your hair. You can use products like shampoos and creams that contain them to strengthen your hair.

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